The site for Erwin Redl's FADE III offered a mathematical framework for Erwin Redl’s precise and  controlled installation.  “My work reflects upon the condition of art making after the ‘dig

Jorge Orta created a projection on the University of Tampa in 2006, which transformed the space for one night.  " Art is a catalyst and factor in social transformation.

Janet Echelman, produced Line Drawing, 3-dimenstional sculptural scrims using theatrical and public art lighting.

Wendy Babcox's "Taking Breath" was a five-channel rear projection at the (then) National Wall Art Gallery at one of the busiest intersections in Tampa.

Tracey Dear founded Dear Productions in 1998 with a desire to use his vast knowledge of event lighting to pursue architectural projects.

Shedding Light:  First used as a reference to mental illumination in the 15th century, the term “shedding light” entertains two meanings: “to pour light over” and “to let go of light.”

MOLLY SCHWARTZ created Watershed, a trio of short animated videos that reference the terrain, history and delicate ecology of the Tampa Bay watershed.

EVA LEE created "Lux Flux," a light portrait of the city through video animation. The video begins with the David A. Straz, Jr.

PALBO VALBUENA used light as his primary material to investigate space and perception of space, at a location ubiquitous with urban life: A Parking Garage.

2012 Artists
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