Urban Pixels - Urban Conga

Urban Conga – Tampa – Urban Pixels - The light prisms are designed to not only attract attention but to spark activity and play within the space. People can then begin to explore their creativity and make alien space ships, futuristic benches or whatever their imagaination can think of. The lights inside the pieces are responsive to the interactivity. The randomness of light and form will not only make the space feel safer but will provide it with a platform for interactivity and play. After Lights On Tampa, look for these artworks at Tampa Bay Rays games! http://www.theurbanconga.com/

Ryan Swanson is a designer and creator with his masters in architecture from the University of South Florida School of Architecture and Community design. While in the process of doing his thesis research, he began to study interactive design and how to take it into an urban setting. This led to Swanson becoming the founder/executive director of The Urban Conga, which is a non-profit based in Tampa, FL that promotes community activity and social interaction through play. Their objective is to spark a conversation between the public realm and the human body through interactive installations that are a platform for exploration, creativity, and free-choice learning. 

Photography by Matt May

Artist: Urban Conga 

Title: Urban Pixels

Dimensions: 30 lighted “prisms” at 18” in a tetrahedral form making all sides even and easy to stack and connect

Materials: durable fully recyclable non-toxic polymer, pcb chip, LEDs

Location: movable locations

Commissioning Agency: Public Art Alliance, project sponsored by the Tampa Bay Rays