Chris Doyle

Title of Project: Ecstatic City (Tampa)
Artist: Chris Doyle
Year Completed: 2009
Location: Tampa Convention Center, HART Transportation Center, USF Park
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Chris Doyle’s installation was one of several commissioned for Lights On Tampa 2009. Lights On Tampa is a biennial program of the City of Tampa, Public Art Program whose mission is to bring free access to artistic excellence. Artists were selected from an international call to artists from a jury that included writer and cultural critic, Dave Hickey; Anne Pasternak, Director of Creative Time; and Jerry Saltz, Art Critic for New York Magazine. During its 3 week run, nearly a million people experienced Lights On Tampa.

For Lights On Tampa, the artist installed Ecstatic City, a series of urban projects where the landscape of the city is transformed or animated. For Ecstatic City (Tampa), he transformed the mundane infrastructure into a giant magic lantern through a series of rotating mirrored balls, concentrating in and around the area of the Convention Center. Beginning at dusk, pedestrian areas of the city were bathed in a gentle wash of spinning light. Part of this installation, at the entrance to the Convention Center, was left behind as a permanent addition to the city. The first of the artist’s Ecstatic City series debuting at the Melborne Australia Art Festival in October 2008.

“By taking a conventional, off-the-shelf object typically used in the disco and re-contextualizing it in the city, I am attempting to amplify the sense of atmosphere, the mood of expectation and possibility that is so important to the life of a place and the experience of its people." – Chris Doyle
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