Molly Schwartz

MOLLY SCHWARTZ created Watershed, a trio of short animated videos that reference the terrain, history and delicate ecology of the Tampa Bay watershed. Each animation takes place within a strata, or level of a re-imagined watershed. The Watershed triplet comes together to describe a world of atmosphere, light and living beings, traversing the screen. The individual videos each standalone but when seen in succession, they contribute to a larger story about the Tampa Bay waterfront.

Molly Schwartz' animations can be viewed on the Portal. The Portal is a digital gateway through the arts. Located on the Riverwalk, it provides an ever-changing and engaging platform for cultural and educational opportunities. Content on the Portal is expansive; in addition to commissioned artwork, a wide net is cast to include content from archival sources, scholars, health and environmental specialists. In addition to Schwartz, artists Juliet Davis & Stephanie Tripp and Eva Lee were commissioned to create new work for the Portal.

Molly Schwartz was born in New York City, raised in Oklahoma and earned her BFA in Painting from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She has lived in Chicago, Katmandu, Los Angeles, and since 1999, Brooklyn. Her artwork combines painting, drawing and digital collage computer animation. She is currently studying for her Masters at NYU's Interactive Telecommunications Program. Schwartz shows her animated videos and drawings in public art installations, festivals, and exhibitions worldwide, and freelances for independent film and television. Recent public art projects include the UN Pavilion at the 2010 Shanghai World Expo, New York City’s MTA Arts for Transit, the Brooklyn Central Library and the BBC Big Screen in Liverpool.

2012 Artists
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