Stephen Knapp


The major influences in Stephen Knapp’s career have not been a particular school or series of teachers. Instead, it has been curiosity, history, books, museums, and the world around him. He is strictly self-taught and has been greatly influenced by the journey from photographic art to murals in metal, stone and ceramic, kiln formed glass walls, mosaic, sculpture in glass and steel and marble, and installation pieces in mixed media. Kiln formed glass has become a prime focus for Stephen because he finds it an unrivaled receptor for color. Light, color, movement - all seem to migrate to and play across the surface of the glass, making it a kinetic, vibrant medium. “By weaving abstract designs in glass, I am able to let the viewer bring more of themselves into what they see. Watching people run their hands over the textured glass surface in amazement continues to remind me of one of the prime roles of an artist - to touch others with mystery and magic. When people tell me what they see in an installation or work of mine - night sky, fossils, movement, archeology, technology - all different, all varied, bringing their own perspective to my work, then I have succeeded.”

2012 Artists
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